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Career Coaching for Artists


Roadblocks. We all have them. 

Career Coaching for Artists is a series of three personal coaching sessions designed to help you move your artistic practice forward through clearly identifying your challenges and goals. You will learn to create a personalized strategy for long-term success and receive individualized attention as you make and implement your action plan. 

Through these consultations, you will:

  • Clearly articulate your goal and establish concrete, actionable steps and deadlines in order to move forward.

  • Identify the habits that aren’t serving your practice and look for new principles and strategies that will propel your work.

  • Learn about specific resources that can help you move forward in your goals or launch a specific project.

How it works:

  • The series costs $350 for three 50-minute phone consultations to be conducted over a 1-2 month period. 
  • PDP offers a roster of experienced coaches who have worked with our program for many years.  Review their profiles and choose your best match. 
  • Fill out the registration form. You will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire which will help us schedule your first consultation (you will work with your coach to schedule subsequent appointments).
  • Homework will be assigned before each of the three sessions.

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